Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Thank You For Removing My Headache".

Inilah yg diucapkan oleh CEO Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) kpd Datuk Shukri apabila mengetahui bahawa Vice Presidentnya Tuan Haji Anuar Mohd Safar (THAMS) akan ke KHTP pada November 1999. Masa tu Datuk Shukri belum tahu lagi apa yg dimaksudkan oleh CEO TPM tu. Tapi setelah lima tahun lebih barulah Datuk Shukri tahu sebabnya.

Inilah yg aku cuba didedahkan. THAMS yg sekarang ditatang bagai minyak yg penuh oleh Hj Sobri di KHTP,  malah akan mengikut segala apa yg dicadang oleh THAMS ni.  Sekarang sesuai dengan peredaran zaman politik Kedah.  Dari sumber2 yg diperolehi, Datuk Shukri menyesal ambik kawan dia masuk (walau pun mereka pernah belajar satu U dulu di Missouri University, US).

OK, beralih kita pada senario semasa.  Di bawah ni aku paparkan berita terkini Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) dari website Bernama semalam (5 Mac 2011).

March 05, 2011 13:41 PM
Technology Park Malaysia's Turnover This Year To Exceed 2010's RM6.47 Billion
By Premalatha Jayaraman

KUALA LUMPUR, March 5 (Bernama) -- Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), the country's innovation hotspot, expects an increased turnover this year from the RM6.47 billion chalked up last year, driven by brisk demand from incubatees and tenants for its wide range of support and services.

Its Vice President, Business Development and Corporate Services Division, Ahmad Husni Johari, attributed TPM's superlative showing to its tenancy rate which was always at the maximum level.

"Our occupancy rate is at 98 per cent, people are now queuing up for space but there is not enough (space)," he said during a briefing on TPM to Bernama led by its Editor-in-Chief Datuk Yong Soo Heong recently.

Even more important, besides the numbers was TPM's success in transforming incubatees and tenants into successful entrepreneurs and technopreneurs able to compete in the marketplace.

These people have gained immensely after their ideas were turned into commercially successfull products by no less than TPM, which is Malaysia's most advanced and comprehensive centre for research and development (R&D).

Another feather in its cap was "TPM having created jobs for 9,792 professionals last year compared with 8,573 in 2008 with about 1,000 individuals having secured their services," he said.

Ahmad Husni said those who sought their services included a wide spectrum of budding entrepreneurs including women and graduates keen to crystallise their ideas via R&D mainly in biotechnology activities, ICT and engineering technology.

Among products which TPM provided R&D and ultimately commercialised them successfully included "Superbest Power" coffee, "Forest Secret" beauty products, "Jamu Mak Dara," a detoxification herbal product as well as "Dunia Herbs," which are cosmetic and healthcare products.

A technological engineering product that was part of TPM's innovative programme was the user-friendly outboard motor known as "Red1" designed by a former fisherman and marine engineering entreprenuer, Ridzuan Hashim, for coastal fishing.

Public-listed companies which have made it big such as Iris Corporation, Patimas Bhd and Green Packet have had their beginnings as clients of TPM and have emerged as vibrant full-fledged technology business entities.

He said TPM not only provided space but also facilitated business coaching, mentoring, consultancy and training for entrepreneurs in information and communication technology, technology as well as biotechnology.

Two major projects that would expand TPM's activities include a RM65 million Herbal Biotech Centre in Raub, Pahang, and a fruit centre in Perlis.

It is also building bridges in innovation with Indonesia whereby about six researchers are now using TPM facilities to conduct research into the benefits of the leaf from the Paliasa tree for cancer treatment.

This was the culmination of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's visit to Makassar in South Sulawesi in 2009 where a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between TPM and Indonesia's Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS).

Under the MOU, UNHAS researchers would be allowed to use TPM's laboratories and herbal processing facilities in Raub.

Meanwhile, Azrai Shuib, Head of Incubation and Technopreneurs Development, Park Management and Services Division, said: "SMEs can bring their ideas and we will help turn them into products. They can use the facilities that are available here."

TPM Biotech, set up in 2004, provides a complete range of services to local and international clients in product development, manufacturing and marketing for nutraceutical and health products, he said.

"Its Herbal Biotech Centre in Raub is a processing centre where all semi-finished and finished herbal-based products are produced," said Azrai, adding that TPM Biotech's facility focusing on fruits in Perlis was expected to be fully operational by year-end.

Established in 1996, TPM is a key agency of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation that serves to promote innovation, know-how and commercialisation activities in industries.

Berbalik kita pada KHTP, kita buat perbandingan sekarang iaitu berdasarkan statistik P&C yg saya perolehi dari salah seorang Tuan Haji yg sudah fed up dengan Tuan Haji Sobri, Awang dan Anuar (hampa carila sendiri, tapi yg sah dia ni pakai ketayap dan PAS dahulu, kini selamanya).

Turnover/Perolehan/Revenue ( 2010): KHTP/KTPC -  RM71.6 million/juta
Turnover/Perolehan/Revenue (2010)TPM - RM6.47 billion
Unaudited ‘10
Estimate ‘11
   Cost of Sales
      Gross Profit
   Operating Expenses
      Operating Profit
      Non-Operating Revenue
      Non-Operating Costs
(sumber dalaman KTPC: Hj XXXXXXXX)

Inilah hasil jika kita bekerja keras. TPM perolehannya berbillion jika dibandingkan dengan KTPC dalam jutaan saja. Dan dijangkakan tahun ini perolehan ini akan melebihi angka 6.24 billion tu. Mai kita pakat2 banyangkan…. Inilah 'benchmark' atau tanda aras untuk Tuan Hj Sobri, bukannya menjaja slide Powerpoint yg menunjukkan cumulative investment di KHTP. Patutla KHTP masih tak boleh perform, kerana masih ada 'headache' atau sakit kepala akan THAMS ni.

Sekali lagi di sini aku ingatkan berita dan perbandingan ini adalah berdasarkan FAKTA dan bukannya AUTA. Kalau nak dengar AUTA sila jumpa Tn Hj Sobri Osman. 

Cuba kita tengok pulak apa yg dah Datuk Shukri (mantan CEO KHTP) dah dapatkan utk Johor:

Senai Hi-tech park to focus on three areas.

Hi-tech manufacturing, R&D and services deemed key drivers for Senai project.

Senai High Tech Park Sdn Bhd (SHTP), the operator of Senai Hi-Tech Park project, is focusing on three key areas as the driving factors to spearhead the development of the park.

They are the high-tech manufacturing activities, the research and development (R&D) activities and the professional services and human capital development.

Chief executive officer Datuk Ahmad Shukri Tajuddin said the three would be the core industrial activities at the Senai Park comparable to semiconductor in Penang and wafer clusters in Kedah’s Kulim Hi-Tech Park.

“We want to develop and establish clusters of industries in the southern region with the park as a catalyst focusing on capital intensive investments,’’ he said in an interview with StarBiz.

Ahmad Shukri said SHTP would target companies in hi-tech manufacturing activities –
hi-end electrical and electronics, semiconductor, photonics, optoelectronics, nanotechnology, alternative energy sources and green technology.

To date, it has received RM60mil investment from an industrial gas provider from MOX-Linde Gases Sdn Bhd, RM1.5bil from South Korea solar cell modules producer STX Corp and RM1.7bil from China’s solar modules company EQ International.

He said infrastructure work at the hi-tech park was progressing well and the hi-tech park would be partially operational in March next year.

Ahmad Shukri said that as part of the Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd (SATS) integrated development project, the company would also target these activities – operational headquarters, international procurement centres, regional distribution centres, aircraft related activities, logistics and packaging.

The SATS’s multi-billion ringgit Senai Airport City project to be developed over 10 years next to Senai Airport spanning over 1,099ha comprises three main components. They are residential, commercial and hospitality amenities located on 264ha, free zone industrial and logistics park on 375ha and the hi-tech park on 460ha.

The entire development is undertaken by SATS’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Enigma Harmoni Sdn Bhd, a company closely linked to billionaire Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary. Syed Mokhtar controls MMC Corp Bhd which has interests in the Senai Airport, Johor Port and PTP.

Ahmad Shukri, the former CEO of Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP), can bank on his experience managing the country’s first hi-tech park to contribute to the development of SHTP.

He said the federal government made the right decision to establish Malaysia’s second hi-tech park in Senai after KHTP, as it would help to accelerate the country’s growth. The Government, he said, agreed to allocate RM300mil to part finance the infrastructure work while the balance of RM215mil would be borne by SHTP.

The park would be one of the core elements in developing the Iskandar Malaysia’s Senai-Kulai Zone into a regional logistic hub by interlinking the connectivity at Senai Airport, Johor Port and PTP.

Ahmad Shukri said the company would learn from KHTP’s experience on how to market the park.

It would also bank on Johor’s close proximity to Singapore with good international air and sea connectivity as the selling point to attract investors.

“It will be a fully-integrated technology park aimed at propelling economic growth through the international community of knowledge-based organisations,’’ added Ahmad Shukri.

He said the 15% income tax cut for knowledge workers in Iskandar Malaysia announced in Budget 2010 would help companies operating at the park to attract professionals.

Malaysians and foreign workers residing and working in qualifying activities in Iskandar between Oct 24, 2009 and Dec 31, 2015, would enjoy the tax cut.

The qualifying activities are the green technology, biotechnology, educational services, healthcare, creative industry, financial advisory, consultancy services, logistic services and tourism.

Ahmad Shukri said that apart from offering the 15% tax cut regime, the Government should look at offering more incentives to attract high-skilled workers to the park.

“For most capital-intensive investments, 70% of the budget goes to equipment while between 10% and 20% for high skilled personnel such as engineers, researchers and scientists,’’ he said.

He said the company also worked closely with several public universities to ensure adequate skilled personnel such as engineers, researchers and scientists for the park.

In its role to encourage entrepreneurship and creativeness, SHTP will liaise with universities and manufacturers able to produce new technologies and products, with the park playing the role of “hatching nest’’.

Ahmad Shukri said the company would be going to China, Europe, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States next year to attract investors.

Geng2 Hj Sobri ni hanya tahu malancung makan angin saja…


Anonymous said...

Laa baru aku tau rupanya si mamat THAMS ni memang bagi orang semua sakit kepala. Dari dulu lagi rupanya. Ada juga cerita yang aku dok dengar dari KHTP nie, bahwasanya geng kroni kontraktor dia pun dia sapu sampai tinggai tulang saja kat kontraktor tu. Maknanya komisen yang dia pow dari kontraktor untuk sesuatu tender tu terlalu banyak sampaikan untung depa mengecil terus. Ada juga yang aku dengar macam Temigas Sdn Bhd siap sampai gulung tikar apabila deal dgn THAMS ni. Temigas ni pun dulunya siap saman KTPC lagi sebab rugi walau pun menang tender supply equipment CNC trainer kot (2 pakej lagi). THAMS tu masa tu aku tak silap kawan aku dari Lunas bagitau suruh Temigas sponsor bas nak pi trip & kambing golek sekitar tahun 2001 kot. Ada lagi 'headache' ni jugak ada terima jam yang mahai jugak (Tag Huer kot) dari kontraktor serta satu golf set dari Fanuc Japan. Semua benda nie dia dok pakai lagi. Dulu khabarnya dok jaja jam merata cerok KTPC nak bagi hadiah kat lucky draw dsbnya, last2 pakai jugak kat dia, kalau tak pon, bagi anak dia pakai jam mahai tu. Aku ada dapat info anak dia ngaji kat UniMAP Perlis, tak tau la dah grad or belom. Golf set mungkin dia dah bawak balik rumah banglo dia di Jitra. Kesimpulannya memang sapa yang dok deal dengan dia akan sakit kepala yang amat besar. Untung la sapa yang dah belah dari KHTP/KTPC/KTMSB dan penin lah sapa2 lagi yg masih ada disitu (Hj Sobri). Yg aku tau jadi dah fixed asset brsama THAMS ialah Zaidi Jangoat, Alfa, Shiraz dan tidak lupa Mokhtar (classmate THAMS sekolah rendah dolu). Sorang lagi Shaliza dah resign pon, tak tahan dengan pening kepala THAMS ni

Anonymous said...

Apa yang aku baca dan dapat simpulkan disini ialah KHTP sudah lembab manakala Senai Hi-Tech Park dan juga Technology Park Malaysia makin maju. Apakah ini hanya disebabkan oleh gejala ekonomi atau pun disebabkan Kedah berada di negeri pembangkang? Jawapannya ialah kejayaan mengurus itu terletak dibahu orang yang mengepalai tempat tersebut. Sekarang ada Hj Sobri dan HJ AMS di KHTP=suram, TPM CEO ok dan berpengalaman=rekod keuntungannya, SHTP ada CEO yg berpengalaman dan dibantu oleh pengurusan yang berpengelaman mentadbir KHTP=mendapat pelaburan baru yang banyak walau pun baru setahun jagung berbanding dengan KHTP (lebih 15 tahun). Oleh itu renung-renungkan lah lirik sebuah lagu Linkin Park 'ITS NOT ABOUT SALARY, ITS ABOUT REALITY'. SO HJ SOBRI will have to face reality that even though he has a high salary now, but reality is he is not qualified to head an organisation to manage Kulim Hi-Tech Park

Anonymous said...

Oh ya cerita ni nostalgia la pulak, saja nak kasi info org yg cakap kt dato Shukri yg CEO atau Presiden TPM masa tu ialah tak lian dan tak bukan Datuk Dr Muhammad Salleh Ismail, iaitu suami kepada Menteri Wanita, Datuk Shahrizat Jalil. Dulu pun ada company yg dak cukup masak dgn THAMS ni Maarif Ilip nama Saiful yang memang dah kasi warning kat KHTP berkaitan manipulasi open tender peralatan dan mesin di KHTP/. Bongkar jangan tak bongkar DKS. Mintak Kedah Times tolong link kan artikel sensasi ni. Bila baca saja cerita ni, rasa mengantuk belah petang ni pun terus hilang

Adnan said...

He He He, esok pagi pagi sure la hampa boleh tengok di ofis KTPC tu THAMS akan panggil sekutunya Zaidi CREST, Shiraz Mr Mamoo dan Ms Alfa Sud masuk dlm bilik dia dan bincang mcm mana nak coordinate jawapan dgn Hj Sobri serupa la bila keluar crita pasai AKTY hari Khamis, hari Jumaat pagi jer terus meeting kelam kabut, nak adjust jawapan supaya sekata bila Hj panggil utk clarification. Tak pa la jgn risau lepaih ni cerita salah laku Hj Fitri pulak, takkan THAMS saja, nanti famous pulak. Cerita Hj Fithri ni lagi best sebab ada XXX di Hotel Crown Princess KL, walau cerita lama tapi masih lagi menatik untuk dikongsi bersama dalam blog. Yang kau tau puak2 hamPAS di KTPC ni dah tiap2 haro dok monitor blog DKS dan Kedah Times, memang minat sungguh depa kat blog ni walau pun sudah dikatakan bahwa oleh Hj Awang jgn pecaya kat blog

Anonymous said...

Memang menarik komen-komen yang ako dok baca ni, memang penuh dengan info yang baru dan membuat orang ingin tahu semua yang sedang dilakukan oleh puak hamPAS di Kulim ni. Aku mintak supaya golongan PAS nilaikan sendiri semua yang ditulis ini dengan hati terbuka dan lakukan penyelidikan dan penelitian supaya dapat maklumat yang lengkap siapa sebenarnya orang yang dipertaruhkan oleh Kerajaan Negeri untuk mengurus KHTP, adakah orang ini layak atau pun tidak

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kesian juga tengok puak puak PAS ni di KHTP, terpaksa mengharung halangan untuk mengurus KHTP. Sini semua kita disajikan dengan cerita yang panas tetapi tetap bersandarkan fakta dan boleh kita akses dengan suratkhabar iaitu Bernama dan The Star. Tambah pulak ada leakage of info yang rahsia, tetapi mungkin benar sebab sejarah menunjukkan bahawasanya yang akan menjatuhkan seseorang bukan dari kalangan luar tetapi adalah dari kalangan mereka sendiri, maka oleh itu hati-hati Hj Sobri kerana lepas ni dengar khabar nak tanding DUN/Parlimen. Kena la pasang telinga dan lihat sekitar anda, siapa yang sebenarnya yang membocorkan maklumat P&C semua ni, tak lain dan tak bukan orang dalaman yang sokong PAS tetapi sudah kecewa disebabkan harapan mereka yang tinggi menggunung untuk melihat perubahan akhirnya berrkecai menjadi abu walau pun setelah tiga tahun diberi peluang untuk memerintah

Anonymous said...

Bukan lagi maju KHTP nie tapi dok makin terkebelakang pulak, mcm kena tarik hand brake apabila PAS perintah yang katanya bebas dari sebarang unsur rasuah dan makan bawah meja (under the table), mcm kata YB Dato Amiruddin, tapi awat sikit saja untung banding dgn TPM dan kurang investment banding dgn Senai. Lu semua fikirlah sendiri, fakta tidak berbohong, tapi org pakai kopiah dan serban boleh jadi bohong jugak, bohong sunat depa kata

Anonymous said...

Memang betul seperti komen yg first tu, company seperti Temigas tu boleh gulung tikar. Kalau tak silap aku la boss dia nama Adnan Md Arif, trip kena sponsor bas tu ialah trip family day Kulim Technology Management Sdn Bhd (KTMSB) dan kambing golek tu pun ada makan makan kat KTMSB. Ini semua cerita lama yang mengesahkan artikel ini. Adnan ni memang sue KTPC, tak caya hampa check dgn Manager Legal Dept KTPC, Sabki nama dia SU Pemuda PAS Pusat (satu lagi lantikan politik PAS), suruh dia belek fail yg lama-lama, dari dulu lagi orang dah fed up dgn THAMS ni, termasuklah kontraktor Melayu. Mana tak, dapat kontrak supply mesin, tapi last2 bankrap sebab kena bagi toll dgn banyak

Anonymous said...

Dalam telekan aku mungkin sumber dalaman Hj tu mungkin adalah HJ yang start nama dia dgn gelaran yang sama title post Managing Director. Hampa carila sendiri disitu, bukan ramai pun. Seperti yang telah diperkatakan, statistics dont lie, jadi la ni apala yang nak dibanggakan sangat KHTP dibawah naungan PAS yang hanya makan gaji buta dan minyak free, belasah kereta company, tiap-tiap minggu pi KL meeting dan hujung minggu tayang kereta yg silih bertukar ganti kat org taman di Sg Petani

Anonymous said...

Apasal keuntungan sikit tapi misi ke oversea mencari pelaburan banyak juga dibuat oleh KHTP, sama saja macam tempat lain jugak, last-last NCIA yg tulong bawak mai investor, bukan HJ atau Kedah State Govt pon. Mesti punca adalah kelemahan pengurusan KHTP, bukannya dari sebab lain. Kalau tak nampak lagi aku tak tau apa dah nak kata kat geng kaler HIJAU ni

Anonymous said...

Yes takbir & lepas tu 'take beer' di KHTP pi la kat Kulim Golf & Country Resort dekat saja dengan pejabat
Hj Sobri, tak sampai pin lima menit pun drive

Anonymous said...

Salam, cerita terbaru yg aku dengar, company yg supply machine water jets untuk KHTP (Matex) dah nak gulung tikar. So sendiri mau ingat laaa...

Anonymous said...

Sikit hari nanti KTPC pun nak gulung tikar, lain-lain subsidiary memang dah loss, KTMSB, KBioCorp, KGCR, KRDB semua dok harap subsidi parent company saja nak support depa. Alahai apa nak buat dah tersilap pangkah PRU12, harap penduduk Kedah mengambil iktibar jangan tukar sebab marah. Macam kata P Ramlee, jangan marah, nanti kena jual. Sekarang ni penduduk Kedah sedang merasakan dijual oleh PAS, oleh itu harap tukarlah balik ke BN untuk PRU13 ni ya

Anonymous said...

Aku agak la company yg supply mesin CNC waterjet tu si THAMS & Zaidi Janggut ni yg manipulate semua ni, lepas tu ambil komisen tinggal tulang saja kat Asian AutoTec Zul nama bos dia. Nasib badan, dulu kalau ada Audit Committee yg check tender ni, sure tak lepas punya, susah nak cakap banyak kat sini, hampa semua risik la sendiri di KHTP Business Centre tu, aku agak guard kat bawah tu pun ada banyak cerita tentang depa ni. Akhir kata, sila baca ni: Nak buat kerja buat cara Islam (Ustaz Azizan), Kerja itu adalah ibadah (Hj Sobri), hakikatnya tak praktik pun, cakap saja lebih. Poorahhh

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