Thursday, March 10, 2011

Komen Patrick Pasal Sobri Pada En Zul, VP, KTPC…

Kalau pembaca setia blog DKS nak tau, sekarang En Zulkefli Ahmad, VP, Development KTPC juga sudah dipetisejukkan (cold storage) oleh Hj Sobri sebab tidak 'sebulu' dengan dia, dan dikhabarkan surat tunjuk sebab (show cause letter) sudah dideraf oleh Pengurus HR, tapi masih belum ditandatangan oleh Hj Sobri lagi.

Tapi kali ni, kita tunjukkan apakah yg berlaku disebalik kisah ini. Salah seorang pengampu Hj Sobri yg tersohor di KTPC ialah Mr Patrick Teh, Pengurus, PR.  La dia telah menerima gelaran Hj Patrick disebabkan hubungan rapatnya kepada semua Haji-Haji di KTPC.  Malah ada juga yg pergi jauh lebih dari tu dengan memberi gelaran Hj Patrick (MABRUR).  Dia ni ada MBA beli punya dari Preston University (mana tak beli, belum keluar result dah pun konvo). Macam mana saya tau…? I know laaa.

Di belakang Hj-Hj KTPC, Patrick kata dia kena la ampu depa ni untuk 'cari makan' (no choice la, dia pun nak pencen dah bulan September 2011).

Nak tau apa yg dia ni pernah email kepada En Zul, mari kita sama-sama lihat di bawah ni:

From: Patrick Teh
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 10:07 AM
Subject: How To Deal With A Bad Boss: Don't!  

Steve Tobak is a consultant, writer, and former senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He's the managing partner of Invisor Consulting, a Silicon Valley-based firm that provides strategic consulting, executive coaching, and speaking services to CEOs and management teams of small-to-mid-sized companies.

We spend an inordinate amount of time decrying and complaining about our bosses.

Don’t get me wrong. Examining bad management behavior is the only way to improve it. And there are times when we can all use a little help learning to cope with a dysfunctional boss. That said, most blogs on bad bosses quickly deteriorate into whine-fests that sound remarkably like children crying about how their parents are mean and just don’t get it.

Well, I’ve got news for you. When you behave like a victim, wallow in self pity, or act like you’re entitled to something better, not only does it do you no good, but you may end up getting yourself fired or doing real harm to your career. To help you avoid that, here’s a dose of reality about dealing with problem bosses:

        If you go head-to-head with your boss, you’ll lose. In What They Don’t Teach You in Harvard Business School,Mark McCormack describes a situation where an employee got into a heated exchange with his boss and got himself fired. “No matter how wrong or intemperate his boss might have been, that, unfortunately, was now a nonissue. The situation did not reflect well on this particular employee’s boss — but his boss still had a job.”

        You actually have choices; exercise them. That’s right, you can’t pick your boss, but if you don’t like him, it’s a free country, you can quit. If you like or need your job, on the other hand, then get over yourself and suck it up. The choice is yours. But if you decide to go over your boss’s head or to HR, don’t be surprised if it ends badly for you. You may not want to hear this, but from the company’s viewpoint, you’re just a thin-skinned troublemaker who they’d just as soon not have to deal with.

        Did it ever occur to you that it may be you? I’m not trying to burst your bubble here, but maybe you’re not god’s gift to bosses. Maybe the boss would be more relieved to get rid of you than you are to get rid of him. Sure, nobody thinks he’s a rotten employee, but they’re out there, and in far greater numbers than rotten bosses. So, if you actually like or need your job, you might want to take a long look in the mirror before you do anything drastic.

        Burned bridges have a way of piling up. Maybe you’re young and carefree now, but the choices you make and the behavior you exhibit today will follow you throughout your career. More and more, employers are checking references you don’t provide, and a few little red flags can add up to one big red flag that says, “don’t hire this guy.” The truth is, if you burn enough bridges, you may very well find yourself all alone on an island somewhere with nobody else in sight. No bosses, and no jobs, either.

Bottom line: Look, I’ve had more than my fair share of dysfunctional and abusive bosses, so I don’t mean to appear insensitive to what employees of crappy bosses really go through every day. Still, if you act subjectively without gaining some perspective, you may end up making things even worse for yourself. Just remember, you always have a choice. You can always quit.

Ni jawab En Zul
Thks Patrick.

Ada dua kesimpulan yg boleh dibuat disini:

1)      Hj Patrick juga mengaku yg Hj Sobri ialah 'bad boss'. Hampa translate la sendiri apa tu 'bad boss'
2)      Hj Patrick menasihatkan En Zul supaya resign kalau dah tak tahan dengan 'bad boss' aka Hj Sobri (last sekali email tu tulis 'you can always quit').

Inilah salah satu contoh di KTPC ni. Depan Hj Patrick bodek 'boss' Hj Sobri. Belakang dalam email kata kat Hj Sobri 'bad boss' (boss yg teruk/'lousy'). Hakikat sebenarnya memang teruk pun.

Pakat2 pikiaq laaa…


Anonymous said...

woi ni panas berapi, ada la kutu yang dah tk leh tidoq lena di KHTP tu, kena sedia teks jawapan utk hj pulak, silap-silap kena showcause letter atau pun DI. Syabas kepada laman blog ni kerana berani meng exposekan apa yang tersirat dalam KHTP ni. Please carry on the expose

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