Monday, December 05, 2011

Traffic Light Di KHTP.

Bab traffic light kat KHTP ni kalau sapa dok selalu guna jln tu pi kerja, mungkin akan terasa. Tapi yg sekali sekala guna tu kata biasa saja.

Aku heran….., masalah ni dah dibangkitkan sejak bulan Julai 2009 tapi proses menunding jari ni meleret hingga Februari 2010 sehingga Hj Sobri bagi arahan kat staf dia “Please take necessary action”.

Kalau tak silap aku….. sampai la masih lagi tergantung status dia sebab aku balik baru2 ni tengok tak ada perubahan pun. 

Kita layan pi ajalah email bawah ni…..:

From: Patrick Teh [mailto:patrick@KHTP.COM.MY]
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 11:51 AM
To: Amran, Md; Chai
Subject: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions
Importance: High

Dear Amran and Chai,

This is what I have personally observed on-site today at 9.30am for the
following junctions that have caused some concerns to employees in KHTP:

   1. From Lunas Toll on BKE towards KHTP at Paya Besar junction: 45  seconds (green)
   2. BKE/Sg Seluang (Padang Serai) junction: 45 seconds (green)
   3. The per-loop timing (green to green) observed at #1 junction was 120 seconds.

         a. The green light at the Sg Seluang junction was a bit delayed   after the Paya Besar junction has turned green.
         b. At 8am today: Junction #1 was 45 seconds and Junction #2 was  about 57 seconds.
         c. BKE promises to look into adding more time for both junctions by next week.

B. Lebuhraya Perdana/First Solar Junction towards KHTP Business Centre
   1. Green light timed at 18 seconds.
   2. Per-loop (green to green) was timed at 88 seconds

        a. KTPC is still the owner of this traffic light junction, pending surrender to PBT.
        b. KTPC will retime the lights because, on paper, according to our Development Division. the particular green light is supposed to be on for 60 seconds.

Hope the above explains the issues that was brought up by KITA employees. (tak payah kata la issue ni mai drp sapa, KHTP sepatutnya jaga nama baik tu.....)

But please keep the feedback coming and we will strive to correct any shortcomings to our tenants' satisfaction in the fastest way and time possible. (sampai la.....)

Thanks and happy working,


From: Amran, Md
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 1:30 PM
To: Patrick Teh; Lim, LK; Sow, Yeek Kooi; Low, OS
Cc: Chai
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Thanks Patrick,

I am forwarding this to some of the Intel managers who are the regular users of the route, and they also have some subordinates who use the route frequently and gave feedback on the issue. (Amran..... Nasib baik hang sebut Manager yg complain, kalu tak mampus dia nak layan..... Itupun lama mana depa ambil masa nak selesaikan.....?)


Patrick Teh, who is the KTPC PR Manager has graciously stepped in to help with the traffic lights issues at the two junctions after BKE toll as well as the First Solar junction.

Thanks and regards,
Amran bin Mohamad Dom | Government Affairs Manager | Intel Malaysia
M +6012 470 xxxx     O +604 433 xxxx

From: Sow, Yeek Kooi []
Sent: Friday, 17 July, 2009 4:56 AM
To: Low, OS; Amran, Md; Patrick Teh; Lim, LK
Cc: Chai
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Thank you Patrick. As long as we have a process to listen and receive feedback, I am sure we could continue making KHTP a better investment place. One simple process that we have in PG and some other places across Msia is having the handphone Contact No stick to each traffic light. In this way, we know who to contact when traffic light malfunction. We need to ensure those people working on the ground and those define the requirement always place themselves at the user of point of view. (YK..... who are u to say so..... mana ada KHTP buat pun..... Unless your good suggestion come from LK or other Big BOSS).

Thanks. yk sow/Intel

From: Patrick Teh [mailto:patrick@KHTP.COM.MY]
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 1:12 PM
To: Sow, Yeek Kooi; Low, OS; Amran, Md; Lim, LK
Cc: Chai
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Dear All,

I have some updates on the traffic lights in KHTP and BKE:

   1. BKE/Paya Besar/Sg Seluang: BKE has retimed the lights at this  junction to 60 seconds for both the lights at BKE/Paya Besar and BKE/Sg Seluang junctions leading to KHTP. The timing loop from       green-green is now 180 seconds. Please let me know if these retimings are OK.

   2. For the Lebuhraya Perdana-First Solar junction, this will hopefully be done soonest pending the availability of the technician responsible. KTPC will follow up on this.

   3. For the Lebuhraya Perdana-Jalan Hi-Tech 1 junction, I have personally spoken to the Kulim District JKR Engineer last week who promised to speak to their Electrical section regarding the traffic light timings, etc at this junction. (Ya ka hang cakap personally.....?)

Thanks and regards

From:       "Sow, Yeek Kooi" <>
  To:         Patrick Teh <patrick@KHTP.COM.MY>, "Low, OS"
<>, "Amran, Md" <>, "Lim, LK" <>
  Cc:         Chai <>
  Date:       08/17/2009 02:03 PM

  Subject:    RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Hi Patrick - I am sorry to trouble you again. Since last week and including this morning, the 2 BKE traffic lights after Lunas toll were back to their old problem again. Both lights timing is out (1st at ~50 secs, 2nd at ~40 secs) and both are not synchronized. When the 1st light from toll is Green, the 2nd one is RED. This caused long jam from the toll.  The same problem on both lights when we entered BKE from KHTP.

I am sure all of us were frustrated on why we cannot fix this simple problem despites tenths of feedback. If the traffic light controller is not capable, change it, if the people that manage this not capable, replace them. .... or we don't call it "High Tech Park" anymore for not able to manage a low tech problem. (Change all the HJ's there then everything will change).

We just need a permanent solution. AND we need who ever is accountable to have a process to monitor and trigger by themselves.

Thanks for you help again.



-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Monday, 17 August, 2009 2:57 PM
To: Sow, Yeek Kooi
Cc: Lim, LK; Amran, Md; Low, OS; Patrick Teh
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

YK, I can sense some frustration from your email. Entegris invited the Kedah Road Safety Department (JKJR) Director to give a road safety awareness talk. I spoke to him briefly after the talk about some road accidents within the park, and about how the traffic lights and U-turns could be better managed. He asked that if there is any concerns that are still open and that we are not getting the right response, we can write in to him. (Pengilang juga cari inisatif utk cuba selesaikan masalah)

So here is his details:
Surentharan A/L Mathavan, Director cum Secretary of MKJR Kedah
HP: 0125339378

Perhaps we can try to route the issue to get some attention and see if the Director of JKJR will indeed help resolve them.

Best Regards

EL Chai | Plant Manager, Global Supply Chain
Entegris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd  |  Lot 17, Phase 1 Kulim Hi-Tech Park |
Kulim, Kedah 09000 Malaysia  |  Tel. +604 427-4201 |  Cell +6012 431-9803
The materials integrity management company

-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick Teh [mailto:patrick@KHTP.COM.MY]
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 4:25 PM
To:; Sow, Yeek Kooi
Cc: Lim, LK; Amran, Md; Low, OS;
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

YK, as a road user of the same stretch and junction, I am as fed up as yourself. So, I can empathise with you. In fact this morning, I've informed Hj Mohd Asri of BKE about it again after doing likewise the previous week for similar out-of-sync occurrence. I am copying this email to seek the assistance of En Rozamin of PBT KHTP to help in following up with BKE regarding the issue. (Follow up Hj Patrik oiiiii..... hang sendiri cakap  "KTPC is still the owner of this traffic light junction, pending surrender to PBT.". Cakap kalau guna kepala lutut lagu ni laaaaa.....)


-----Original Message-----
From: Sow, Yeek Kooi
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 4:56 PM
To: Patrick Teh;
Cc: Lim, LK; Amran, Md; Low, OS;
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Hi All - thank you very much for your attention. I hope we can come together to get this fix and make KHTP a great place to invest and to work in Kulim.

Thanks. Yk

From:       "Lim, LK" <>
To:         "Sow, Yeek Kooi" <>, Patrick Teh <patrick@KHTP.COM.MY>, " <>
Cc:         "Amran, Md" <>, "Low, OS" <>, ""
Date:       08/18/2009 07:58 AM
Subject:    RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions
I do agree with YK.

In fact many of us have been working here since KHTP startup way back in 1996 but sadly to say till today still experiencing infrastructure problem like traffic light timing setting. This issue has become even more pressing now with the rapid growth in KHTP. We surely need fast action from authority to rectify those issues and the best is put a permanent fix solutions.

Besides, the authority should also look into constant monitoring and effectiveness in sustaining the system.

LK Lim

-----Original Message-----
From: Low, OS []
Sent: Wednesday, 18 November, 2009 8:49 AM
To:; Lim, LK; Muhamad Sobri Osman
Cc: Amran, Md; Patrick Teh; Sow, Yeek Kooi
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Traffic timings is still in an unacceptable state during peak hours inspite of many feedbacks - the 2 traffic lights after BKE and also the traffic lights turning into the KHTP. This is impacting workers productivity at the Park.

I suggest if this cannot be resolved, we need to get it escalated to the Ministry and get this fixed permanently once and for all. Not a very good impression to investors if this simple issue cannot be resolved in an expedient manner.

A last point - we should review the condition of all traffic lights in the park (there are still some at the park having similar timing issues causing traffic back-up in the evening peak hrs) and we should look at using sensor trigger traffic lights instead of time control.

Thanks and Hope this can be addressed quickly.


-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick Teh [mailto:patrick@KHTP.COM.MY]
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 9:38 AM
To: Low, OS;; Lim, LK; Muhamad Sobri Osman
Cc: Amran, Md; Sow, Yeek Kooi; Khairul Fithri Osman;
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Agreed. I have brought this matter to my colleague, Fithri (Dep. VP - Development, who would get the right people to rectify the situation immediately. The Lebuhraya Perdana traffic volume was exceptionally high because of the traffic police who was allowing more cars than usual to enter Lebuhraya Perdana during any given time. (Hang dgn Fithri sama saja..... Tambah Fithri senyap terussssss.....)

I would think that the best solution is for KTPC (the owner of the traffic lights at First Solar junction until we hand over to PBT) and JKR to sit down to synchronise, optimise and monitor the lights from time to time so that situations like these can be kept to a minimum. (When.....? Talk with no action.....)

I will await Fithri's advice on the above.

Thanks for the feedback.


-----Original Message-----
From: Sow, Yeek Kooi []
Sent: Wednesday, 18 November, 2009 2:29 PM
To: Patrick Teh; Low, OS;; Lim, LK; Muhamad Sobri Osman
Cc: Amran, Md; Khairul Fithri Osman;
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Hi Patrick/all - thank you for your help AGAIN! We have feedback this 19 times and the problem seem to repeat over and over again.

We are more than happy to participate in solving this problem if we could be at help...of giving the right inputs and how the traffic lights could be set from user point of view.

Thanks. yk / Intel

-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick Teh [mailto:patrick@KHTP.COM.MY]
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 2:57 PM
To: Sow, Yeek Kooi; Low, OS;; Lim, LK; Muhamad Sobri Osman
Cc: Amran, Md; Khairul Fithri Osman;
Subject: RE: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions


Why not? I'll find the appropriate date, time and venue and let's make it work once and for all, for all! (Apa yg hang merepet ni.....? Apa VP Development buat.....?)

Thanks again.

-----Original Message-----
From: "Sow, Yeek Kooi"
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 06:32:38
To: Patrick Teh<patrick@KHTP.COM.MY>;
<>;  Muhamad Sobri Osman
Cc: Amran, Md <>; Khairul Fithri Osman<fithri@KHTP.COM.MY>; <>; Sow, Yeek Kooi <>
Subject: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Hi Hj Sobri / Patrick

I do want to follow-up on the traffic light discussion we had during NCIA meeting. In recent weeks, both the traffic lights at BKE/Lunas toll and First solar are out of control again causing huge jam, and resulted in employees late from attending biz meeting, and late from going home.

 We really need immediate attention and get this address. This is extremely sad that we can't even resolve a simple traffic light setting issue in our High Tech Park.

Please let me know if I can be at help to talk to the right party on what is needed to resolve this issue.

Thanks. yk sow/Intel-KITA


Thank you and best regards,
Ku Rizal

-----Original Message-----
From: Muhamad Sobri Osman
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 8:19 AM
To: Noor Izam Ishak; Ku Masharizal Ku Mahmood; Khairul Fithri Osman
Subject: Fw: Traffic Lights Timings at BKE & First Solar Junctions

Please take necessary action (Ni saja feedback dari Sobri.....?)

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

Kesian kat Hj Sobri….., masalah traffic light pun dia tak dapat nak selesaikan dgn cepat. Last2 transfer kat staff jugak utk diselesaikan.

Lambat ambil tindakan macam ni yg buat pelabur malas nak masuk KHTP. Pelabur yg sedia ada cukup tak puas hati dgn perkhidmatan yg KHTP berikan.


Anonymous said...

Bab kalau yg salah memang cepat2 HJ transfer kat staf. Tapi kalau terdapat pelabur macam yg diumumkan baru2 ni, Panasonic nak melabur, terus HJ claim dia yg usahakan, terus panggil Star buat interview, padahal masalah traffic light pun HJ Sobri tak boleh nak solve

Anonymous said...

Year 2009. Haiya.. sulah lama bikin ini kerja curi email orang ma. Manyak bagus. Pekeja contoh. Gua manyak suka. Suluh sapa2 ambik ini orang keleja. Pekeja cemelang. Hati manyak baik.

Anonymous said...

tu la hang pa PAS tak pandai buat kerja, ebrahim tu bukannya cekap pun jaga email, bocor dari dulu hingga kini, pandaika hangpa PAS jaga sistem maklumat? kata cekap IT, tapi sebenarnya buta IT sampai email sistem pun tak pandai jaga kat KTPC, tu la jgn lansi sangat

Anonymous said...

memang trafic light di KHTP tak guna sensor, tak dak kereta pun dok kena tunggu jugak, Hj2 sekalian, takkan yg ni pun nak suruh Federal Govt selesaikan jugak kot

Anonymous said...

Hang pa ingat hj baca ka blog ni? Tengah hangpa bertelagah sama sendiri, depa la ni dok ada di negara matahari terbit..investment panasonic masuk byk, depa kenalah buat lawatan@ kunjungan hormat@makan angin. Jangan lupa buah tangan untuk anak bini tercinta hj hj oi(termasuk PA baru yg nama pun lebih kurang sama)

Anonymous said...

tapi yg mahai tu haji send dari blackberry, ok la tu, guna blackberry utk baca email, canggih la utk hamPAS, nak tunjuk guna blackberry utk access email yg bocor ni, keh keh keh Hj oh Bang haji, kesiannnnya kat hang. Tak dan sign dgn pelabur pun hang dah suruh star buat publisiti, tak malu ka hang ni, pelabur jepun ni depa bukan mau publisiti, sat gi hang melePAS lagi jawabnya. Aku ada baca Star, dlm laporan kata baru dok negotiate, bukannya sign lagi pun, org kalau dah sign baru la pi buat announcement. Aku dok agak hang ni mesti ikut cakap Hj Patrick yg sepatutnya dah dipencenkan. My comments: very amateur of Hj Sobri to announce negotiations & lease price in public, nanti kena hijack la projek ni bro

Anonymous said...

NI aku petik dari Star report 26 December, bacala:

According to sources, Panasonic is now negotiating to finalise the lease payment, which will be a one-time payment, to lease the land for 60 years and an option to renew it for another 39 years.
In KHTP, the rental to lease the land starts from RM23 per sq ft.

Lagi satu dulu HJ ni dah reduce harga utk 1st Solar gila2 punya rendah hingga kurang sebanyak 6 ringgit, tapi la ni harga dia push up pulak naik 23, mak ai, dah jadi sama la dgn penang, mcm mana nak kompetitif?

Anonymous said...

Ini yg aku tahu:
1) Dgn panasonic dah done deal,investment masuk KHTP. Jumlah RM2.8 billion.
Tahniahlah, itu yg berduyun2 pi Japan la ni, utk sign agreement dan source out for new investors.

2) Sapa kata sama dgn Penang. Ada kawasan di Penang lagi murah dari RM23 bro. Hangpa reki2lah..

Anonymous said...

Lagi banyak kilang masuk, lagi banyak pekerjaan.

Yang dah bekerja, tak mau orang lain dapat kerja.

Di atas adalah staff KTPC sendiri. Hangpa adalah musuh orang KEDAH.

Hangpa semua nak khianat orang negeri KEDAH.

Anonymous said...


All employees must take every precaution to protect the confidentiality of Company information. No employee shall during, or after his/her termination of employment with KTPC (except in the proper course of his/her duties and/or with the written consent of management) divulge or make use of any confidential/copyright material, databases, correspondences, accounts or dealings regarding the activities of the Company as well as any other information obtained and known by the employees in the course of discharging or performing his/her responsibilities with the Company. No employee shall in any way use company’s information for any reason what so ever.


The service of an employee may be terminated at any time by the Company without assigning any reason for the willful breach of the terms and conditions of employment, committing criminal offenses, misconduct and indiscipline.

Anonymous said...

aku ada sumber kawan pi check kat MIDA Alor Setaq & KL, depa kata tak sign lagi pon lease agreement, jgn dok kelentong kami pak haji2 KTPC, bom saja lebihhh
Apa hal yg dok pi cut n paste terms & conditions ni, kalau title saja HJ tapi kerja kuat kencing, tak mai ofis & lambat mai ofis, tapi tiada sebarang tindakan yg diambil, ada jugak org2 kat situ bagi tau staf yg dah ngaku ambik duit pun HJ Sobri tak ambik tindakan pun, sampai la ni, sebab dia ada simpan janggut, diam sahaja, kalau yg dia tak suka baru dia guna undang2 syarikat utk kacau, yg lain kalau sokong dia, semuanya ok, langgar la berapa banyak pun company law pun hj tak kesah

Anonymous said...

tu dia aihh........, geng PAS dah habaq mai dahhh, berduyun2 geng depa pi Jepun, cari pelabur, sign gila2 lease agreement, kasi habis semua tanah KHTP, mesti penuh satu flight charter dari MAS penuh dgn HJ2 dari KEDAH, inila dia PAS Negeri yg tak tau langsung nak berjimat cermat dan belanja berhemah, terus serbu berduyun2 pi Tokio
komen dari:
Mat Serbu Sg Batu (aku dok Penang, memang tanah di Bayan Lepas betoi harga PDC letak RM23 psf) sini mahai, tapi sama jugak dgn KHTP. Bukit Tengah mungkin kurang sikit harga, tapi Penang RM23 tu std la, tarak tipu punya

Anonymous said...

Awat hampa ni PAS? lampu trafik light pun tak tau nak jaga, hari tu nampak cergas sangat dok baiki bumbung bocor, tandas tersumbat & kira bulu babi kat ladang kepala sawit, trafik light kalau sudah sangat, guna la sensor, baru nama dia trafik light hi-tech, tapi apa nak buat dah otak hangpa low tech, mana buleh nak jaga hi-tech, tak pa la elok sangat la HJ Sobri nak jadi calon ADUN Pantai Merdeka PRU13 ni

Anonymous said...

sekalung tahniah utk pak lebai hamPAS KTPC & HJ Apekk, jgn jadi seperti pepatah melayu sudah la: guruh berbunyi dilangit, air di tempayan dicurahkan; kalau omputeh pulak ialah don't jump the gun

Anonymous said...

takkan berdyun2 kot pi jepun, mungkin sekoq dua saja kot yg pi, tak logik langsung, sampai sekapai pi, takkan PAS buat lagu tu

Anonymous said...

orang BODOH pun tahu yg duk melalak ni staff KTPC. staff KTPC BODOH pakat dgn org luaq pikiaq dia cerdik.
Tahu org pakai hanphone apa. Tau trafik light ada sensor takdak sensor. tau org keluaq masuk keja, mcm2. udah la tu.
Hangpa ni kalau rasa tak nak kerja dekat KTPC, hangpa boleh berhenti. Boleh anak menakan aku kerja kat situ. ramai lagi org nak keja tempat hangpa.

yg hangpa tak suka org PAS ni sgt kenapa? Cuba pi masjid lepaih tu jerit kuat2, aku tak suka org PAS. aku cabaq hang.

otak hangpa kat mana. kat lutut? Baguih apa kalau ada byk keja kat kulim. kalau nak keja penang, hangpa pergi keja penang. hangpa memang kaki hati BUSUK.

masa keluaq masuk pun berkira ka! ingat sekolah ka apa. hangpa cikgu disiplin ka. tapi tak disiplin pun. mengataa ja lebih. time hangpa buat, org lain tak hingatt pun.

hangpa ada motif. Memang hangpa hati dah BUSUK. lepas satu, satu. hangpa tak malu ka.
apa sebenar hangpa nak.. kalau hangpa nak hidup sorang2.. pi duk hutan sana nu. lagi baguih.

nak suruh puji hangpa.. tak dak aku nak puji aih.. perangai mengata org ni sapa pun tak suka.. sapa2 taknak ambik hangpa keja. aku sendiri paling takut org mcm hangpa semua. tak pikiaq langsung pasai org lain.

hangpa tau dosa buat fitnah. tanya budak tadika kat rumah hangpa. budak2 tadika lagi cerdik dr hangpa semua tau.

Anonymous said...

hello brader hamPAS yg bijak, semua maklumat yg hang kata tu ada dlm email bocor ni, dalam tu kalau hang baca betul2 kat atas memang ada tulis trafik lite tak guna sensor dan reply hj guna blackbery. Jgn dok tembak tak tentu hala. Laman blog ni memang pun paling top hit dgn org PAS, suka baca fitnah, tapi cakap tak mau baca. Sudah la org kat USM kawan2 dia masa HJ ni dok buat degree memang masak dgn perangai dia yg kaki pompuan, kaki kencing@klentong, cuma PAS saja belum tau lagi, tak pa la biar rakyat KEDAH yg jadi penentunya, apa pun HJ2 PAS KTPC MEMANG KAKI BELAGAK & BAGI KONTRAK KAT MEMBER

Anonymous said...

kesian kat Awang kita ni, penat saja dok tulis komen dlm blog ni

Anonymous said...

woit..awang mana ada masa dok reply blog ni..dia la ni ada kt 5, dok tgh deal beli kapalterbang sng nak bawa pi obersea nanti..

Anonymous said...

shiras pun ada sama di LIMA, dok deal nak beli kapalselam, kalau awang tak dan nak komen kat blog ni, cik alfa kiter masih ada masa dok buat komen on behalf of THAMS nie

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