Sunday, July 10, 2011

Terjahan Terbaru Bab Hj Sobri Yg Mencengkam Hati.....

Haji Sobri bertambah ‘bengkek’ & hairan mengapakah langkah2  drastik beliau menukar kakitangan (kaki & tangan saja ka…..?) KTPC ke anak syarikat tak membuahkan hasil spt yg dijajakan dan digerentikan oleh VP beliau, Anuar Safar akan dapat menumbangkan geng serpihan penyokong BN/UMNO di KTPC.

Mr Presiden KTPC ni telah diberitahu (sebenarnya DIARAHKAN) oleh Anuar Safar supaya menggunakan tektik beliau iaitu pecahkan pasukan pengaruh BN/UMNO di KTPC ke KBio & KGCR.  Ini telah dilakukan secara besar2an, sehinggakan Pengurus Kewangan KTPC pun ditukarkan ke KGCR.

Malah Hj Sobri telah digerenti oleh Hj Anuar Safar bahawa pertukaran kakitangan ni akan PAStinya menenggelamkan semua tohmahan palsu yg tertera dlm pelbagai blog picisan di Internet, seterusnya menghentikan segala artikel palsu lagi fitnah dlm laman blog.

Akan tetapi, setelah melakukan Ops Pemutihan dua bulan lepas, ternyata anggapan Hj Sobri  meleset.  Hits blog DKS telah melonjak dari 12,000 dua bulan lepas menjadi 17,000 terkini.  Malah di ruangan komen pulak, walau pun terdapat ramai komen menggunakan ‘Anonymous’, ianya menunjukkan respon yg memberangsangkan apabila satu artikel sahaja telah mendapat 40 komen.  Hj Sobri juga ada mengesyaki bahawa yg memberi komen ni adalah terdiri dari kakitangan KTPC sendiri yg jelas tak berpuas hati dengan cara pengurusan beliau yg tak bermaya itu.

Terbaru, disahkan oleh seorang security guard bangunan KHTP Business Centre bahawa pada hari Rabu, 6 Julai 2011, kesemua VP KTPC dan anak syarikat telah dipanggil mengadap Hj Sobri seorang demi seorang bagi mendapatkan penjelasan serta pandangan dari mereka semua mengenai kemelut ni.

Kali ni nak dedahkan yg sebenarnya Hj Sobri ni telah pun diberikan nasihat dan peringatan melalui e-mail dari seseorang yg juga merupakan saudara kepadanya.  Ini juga sebenarnya salah satu dari banyak email dan juga nasihat yg beliau telah terima melalui SMS dan juga percakapan telefon.

Umum telah mengetahui dek kerana terlalu canggihnya sistem email KTPC ni telah menyebabkan ianya amat mudah untuk ditembusi, termasuklah juga ‘sent item’ dan ‘in-box’ Tuan HJ Sobri kita ni.  Nampaknya Encik Ibrahim Ahmad dan juga Syahizan (Jacksharing) dari Jabatan IT, KTPC masih belum boleh dinaikkan pangkat mereka pada tahun ni. 

Ada banyak cerita sensasi kisah percintaan beliau dengan minah KL dlm email beliau (sensasi ‘hot chocolate’); akan tetapi terdapat satu email yg amat menarik perhatian penulis dan ingin dikongsikan bersama dgn pembaca setia DKS yg telah menolong melonjakkan hits blog picisan ni secara mendadak.

Kita sama-sama baca dan hayati email yg telah menghiris kalbu Hj Sobri ni:

Sent: Fri 10/24/2008 6:52 PM
To: Muhamad Sobri Osman
Subject: RE: KTPC’S problem

Dear Pak Ngah Sobri,

I am sending you this mail as a proof of my honesty and sincerity in assisting you, KTPC, Kedah state and my xxxx YAB MB. I was counting on the opportunity to meet up with you to voice out my concern but then things do not goes the way we wanted.

As you know, I joined KTPC in 1997 and had worked there for 7 years. Though how much dissatisfaction and de-motivation that I had to endure back then, I must admit that KTPC is the only workplace where I could feel at home. My relationship with the staff are almost like family. Even our families know each other quite well too. Some of the staffs are still in touch with me, though not very often, but enough, to give me the chance to understand their whining, frustration and worries about where the company is heading NOW.

Although I left the company long ago, I still very much care for the company as much as I care for the state of Kedah. And, I coud not put aside the fact that my relative is directly responsible as to what is going to happen to the company and the state, generally, from now on.

KTPC is one of the investment arms in Kedah and the only one that has received global recognition. This has made the company become the center of interest of the corrupt politicians of Kedah. These people treated the company like a gold-mine or a personal money factory where they used the Management to manipulate procedures, contracts, tenders and anything they could put their hands into, solely for personal gain. Of course, if you look at it positively. You must admit that this is also proof that KTPC has been a successful company to be able to attract not only the investors but also the wolves’ all the same. Which, further proved, that the Management and staff had done an acceptable good job all these while.

Forgive me for I must tell you frankly that unfortunately, the staffs and those around the company have been very-very skeptical on whether KTPC would be able to maintain its position and standard in the global playing field now that you have taken over the pilot seat.

Staffs of KTPC are begging and bugging me to do anything in my position as a xxx or as an MB’s xxx to voice out their worries, but I just could not do such a thing before I confront you directly or it would not be fair to you.

The staffs have expressed to me personally time and time again that they had given you the benefit of the doubt when you came along. They believed, the person appointed by MB who is known to be very clean, must be the best person.

But after 5 months, they are now having a different perception.

If you recall, I have hinted to you about the characters of the staffs. Some of them are not in very good terms with Dato’ Shukri, BUT none of them would be able to deny that Dato’ Shukri is a good leader and a professional despite the accusation of corruption.  As his xxxxxxxx I would describe him as a good boss, very polite, humble in nature and definitely NOT a political animal. He is not the type to go around playing politics. If he wanted better post, he could have accepted the offer to be PKNK CEO once upon a time ago but he declined.

Dato’ Shukri has a lot of enemies ranging from those who are eyeing for his post, right down to the unsatisfied and de-motivated staffs due to his insensitivity of their needs or simply due to being influenced by his enemies around him at the office and what made me chose to be on his side is his true leadership quality for not stooping down to his enemy’s level by trying to influence others to go against them.  However, his enemies often do that to him. Bottomline is, as far as Dato’ Shukri, I see that his good overshadowed his bads

That is why I have always have this loyalty to him which I don’t intend to hide from you. But believe me, I am not a blind loyalist to anyone. I would call a spade, a spade regardless of my like or dislike of the subject. For me, Dato’ Shukri is a good man and a good leader and that’s the fact and no matter what dirt he had before, could not change the fact. Almost all of the staff agrees that if anyone wants to fill in his shoes, the person must be either as good, or better than him. Sadly, until todate, I have been hearing from the staffs that they do not perceive you are either.

But then, as far as I’m concerned, DATO’ SHUKRI IS NOT THE ISSUE HERE.

And I am fully aware that I have no right whatsoever to tell you what to think of him, or what action should be taken against him should you found him guilty of anything at all. THE MAIN ISSUE TO BE ADDRESSED HERE, IS THE COMPANY.

I know that you do want the best for the company, and so do the staffs. That is why I keep hearing cries and complains about what is going on in the company and most disturbing is their complains on your leadership. What they say, among others, include:

1. Your are prejudice in your judgment ie. you divide the staffs in two groups that are

a) those who are with Dato’ Shukri must be against you

b) those who are with you must be against Dato’ Shukri.

Therefore, you tend to listed ONLY to those whom you think are with you without the slightest doubt that they could be worse than Dato’ Shukri himself.

2. This leads to more problems when those whom you listen to, started taking advantage of your trust and doing things without consulting anyone and don’t even care to follow procedures.  Do you know that the staffs are already compiling evidence against these culprits? They are not keen to go to the authority just yet as they still hope that you would change.

3. Their respect for you is declining further when you ignore the evidence of the fishy transactions made by your trusted’ persons even though clear evidence were presented to you. Consequently, you are seen as only interested to clean up dirt under Dato’ Shukri’s leadership but you let the dirt mount up fast, under yours.

4. They complain that you sit on your job for over five months. The memos and documents presented to you are not attended to as quick as it should be. The company is stuck and not moving. They said that you keep asking the same questions for five months on issues pertaining the company. To the extent that they are now wandering and some have already confirmed that you do not even understand the nature of your job or the company.

5. They made fun of your Vice President Finance (I don’t remember his name). Is it true that he was just a bank officer? If so, you should advice the MB or whoever that had appointed him that this is no job for a bank officer.  KTPC is a global player in development of technology park. The person handling its Finance must be at least at par with a Corporate company’s Group Financial Controller or at least an Accountant. Don’t make KTPC the joke of the world. Obviously, the government of Kedah has no idea of what KTPC is all about.  And this automatically, make PAS government a joke too.

6. They accused you of not putting your priority right. You make it an ultimate and only goal in KTPC is to bring down the corruptors. Whereas you should focus on the company first, get things moving ie. set company goals, plan the company’s move and get everybody working fast. The staff claim that you are in the dark and do not know where to go and what to do. You have not digested the fact that KTPC is a global player and act as if it’s just a small little government of political organization.

You know, as a relative, I am very sad to hear all these, as a former employee I am very worried about the company, and as the MB’s xxx I am ashamed.

Allow me to give you some advice:

1. Leave the petty things to Department Heads. Look at the big picture.

2. Do not waste time digging past dirt. Only tackle the dirt of the past as it pops up and when need arises.

3. Most important is do not let new dirt forms or you will be dragged away too, one day.

4. Do not let anybody take advantage of your trust.

5. Lead.

I don’t mean to hurt your feelings or anybody through this email. If I do, I could have write an article in the paper and let it explode. I could not stand it when my relative is being the target of people’s grudge and criticism. I am a very straight forward person and my intension here is clear that is:

1. To let you know the things people are saying behind you.
2. To help you sort things out.
3. To help the company.

Kindly take action to correct things fast. Help yourself and help the company.

I’m sorry for having to write this mail but could not find any other way to get the points out fairly. Your understanding is all that I wish for.

My humble apology and all the best,


Jawab Hj Sobrl:

---On Sat, 10/25/08, Muhamad Sobri Osman <sobri@KHTP.COM.MY. Wrote:

From: Muhamad Sobri Osman <sobri@KHTP>COM>MY>
Subject: RE: KTPC’S problem
Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008, 6:25 PM

Asslammualaikum Xxx,
Thanks for your long mail. Appreciate your honest input and feedback.
As it is quite late now and I’ll be the moderator for tomorrow session, so I’ll call you after the program.

Pak Ngah Sobri
Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi

Jawab Mr XXX:

Sent: Tuesday, 28 October, 2008 11:48AM
To: Muhamad Sobri Osman
Subject: RE: KTPC’S problem


Appreciate your earnestness but it’s not me that you need to call. I don’t think I have anything more to say. I have said it all. And, it is not my problem anyway. The mail is simply to convey to you the views from the eyes of the people outside your circle –as your concern relative and as a friend to the employees of KTPC.


Ayat penutup dari Hj Sobri…..

From: Muhamad Sobri Osman <sobri@KHTP>COM>MY>
Subject: RE: KTPC’S problem
Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 11:13 AM

Noted with thanks

Begitulah panjangnya email yg telah di ciluk dari sistem IT canggih KTPC.  Aku mohon maaf sebab nama pengirim email kpd  Hj Sobri  telah di xxxxx kan bagi melindungi identiti beliau.

Jika kita perhatikan, email ni telah ditulis dgn begitu panjang lebar dan pelbagai nasihat yg telah diberi kepada HJ SOBRI, malangnya bak kata orang putih; ‘it fell on deaf ears’.  Hj Sobri hanya akhirnya mampu menulis ‘Noted with thanks’.  Itu saja.

Walau pun sejak 2008 lagi beliau telah dinasihati oleh sanak saudara beliau yg tampak begitu risau dgn kekurangan gaya kepimpinannya, tapi beliau masih berlagak angkuh , hidung tinggi dan juga terbaru hidung belang. 

Akhirnya beliau hanya menerima cakap dari org yg bernama Anuar Safar (Mr GM/VP Forever) saja, atau lebih tepat dikatakan hanya MENERIMA ARAHAN DARI ANUAR SAFAR saja dlm pengurusan syarikat KTPC dan juga KHTP.


Anonymous said...

wah...hebat..hebat, tak tau pun ada email macam ni....

Anonymous said...

Waa canggih la si mamat tu dah bagi nasihat + warning, tapi nampaknya Hj Sobri ni tak heran pun. Apa la nak jadi Hj sekoq ni, tak mau dengaq nasihat orang lain dah langsung. Dulu lagi nampknya org yg dekat dgn dia dah bagi nasihat pun

Anonymous said...

Bro, Hj yg mangkuk ni dok ingat kalau dia transfer semua suspek yg dok jadi spy, artikel 'fitnah' akan stop kat blog. Tapi ini semua tak menjadi kenyataan, tu la sebab di panggil semua VP, minta nasihat dan panduan lagi. Dalam otak dia dah jam mcm mana nak handle isu artikel yg lagi banyak dan panas siap dgn gambar pulak. Hits makin naik dan komen pula makin banyak,

JOm kita tengok apa pulak langkah selanjutnya HJ2 ni iaitu Sobri, Awang, Anuar, Fitri & Shahiran akan buat

Anonymous said...

Ada nama baru pulak ni, Pak Ngah Sobri, ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Aku baru ja dok layan blog ni dari Alor Setar. Ni komen aku, rasanya part yang paling menarik ialah yang ni la:
They made fun of your Vice President Finance (I don’t remember his name). Is it true that he was just a bank officer? If so, you should advice the MB or whoever that had appointed him that this is no job for a bank officer. KTPC is a global player in development of technology park. The person handling its Finance must be at least at par with a Corporate company’s Group Financial Controller or at least an Accountant. Don’t make KTPC the joke of the world. Obviously, the government of Kedah has no idea of what KTPC is all about. And this automatically, make PAS government a joke too.

Anonymous said...

Pak Ngah Sobri ni memang macam ni pun, apa yang mampu dikata hanyalah NOTED WTH THANKS, selalunya dalam meeting pun macam tu jugak, cerita yang disiarkan ni telah meng'confirm'kan apa yang telah kita dengar dari KHTP. Yang menyokong Hj Sobri di KTPC sekarang hanyalah hardcore mereka sahaja. Kepada staf KTPC, berhati-hatilah dengan mereka yg nampak kutuk hj kat depan, tapi kat blkg, jadi spy & pencacai hj melaporkan keadaan, sebenarnya mereka ni kalau kita kaji perangai dan telatah mereka kita boleh tahu. Yg aku cakap ni bukannya shiraz, alfa, shahiran &yg sewaktu dengannya, tetapi yg lain2 yg belum diketahui umum. AWAS DAN WASPADA, cakap siang pandang2, ada juga orang yang boleh mengintip percakapan melalui celah2 cubicle tu

Anonymous said...

memang patut pun kem PAS di KTPC/KHTP ni terjah secukup-cukupnya memandangkan pelbagai masalah yang telah dibangkitkan oleh pelabur sedia ada dan juga orang ramai mengenai pengurusan dan pentadbiran. Soalnya apakah tindakan UMNO dan PAS Kulim dalam menangani isu ini? Adakah NO ACTION & SILENT only? Mungkin pihak berkepentingan boleh cuba menyelesaikan pelbagai isu tersebut. Takkan semua pakat2 nak diam sahaja dan memerhati, atau pun PAS Kulim akan berkata ini orang PAS Sg Petani yang jaga, atau Mustafa Kamal dari Pemuda UMNO Kulim/BB akan berkata tunggu sampai kami ambil balik Kedah, takkan lagu tu kot? Mesti la ni kena ada affirmative action diambil dengan segera. Kalu tak affirmative pun kena la ambik corrective action terutamanya terhadap HJ AWANG BOCEH

Anonymous said...

Bro, aku musykil, di KTPC tu depa kata ada 2 awang, ni yang BOCEH ni yang mana satu, awang kecik atau awang pangkat besaq? aku dah konpius, tolong sat

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA gerenti AMS dah tak jadi dah utk Hj kali ini, kantoi kawan kita kali ni. DON'T PANIC LET'S PICNIC

Anonymous said...

Awang boceh ni sure hj awang hashim. Lagi satu awang ialah the real awang, from Sarawak, Awang Razlan. Awang Hashim ni la yang digelakkan oleh pengirim emel kepada Hj Mat Bri ni, sebab kelulusan dia utk nak jadi VP Kewangan di KTPC memang sangat jauh, seperti apa yang Puan Maheran pernah suarakan satu ketika dahulu. Aku dok try Google jugak, tak nampak apa kelibat jawatan pun oleh hj awang ni, dalam pas SP pun tarak habuk pun, nak kata AJK lantikan pun yilekk

Anonymous said...

the first thing geng penyokong PAS di tkt 3 KHTP Biz Ctr nak cari ialah siapakah yg mengirim sepucuk emel yg menggoda tu. Tanyala sendiri Hj Sobri, dia mesti tau punya. Jangan nak kalu nak tau siapa yg hantar, tapi baca dan hayatila isi kandungannnya yang memberi pandangan secara jujur dan tanpa rasa berpihak kepada mana2 parti pun

Anonymous said...

Kalau kita search google, yg ada jawatan pas sg petani hanya hj sobri sahaja sebagai timbalan YDP 2011-2013(setelah digugur dari AJK Negeri Kedah). Hj awang pulak nama tak ada pun, sepatutnyala kalau ada org yg prihatin, sekurang-kurangnya lantik la jadi salah seorang dari 2 org pemeriksa kira2 setelah megambil kira jawatan naib presiden kewangan ktpc. Tetapi, PAS SP tak berbuat demikian, jadi maknanya beliau ni tak la sehebat mana atau pun seorang yg dikenali & dihormati di SP. Asal pun awang ni org pendang. Rmusannya jgnla mendabik dada di pejabat atas alasan berpangkat besar, tetapi tidak dihormati & dikenali secara meluas di Kulim & SP. Kalau kenal pun atas sebab tidak cekap buat kerja dan hanya pandai cakap sahaja

Anonymous said...

si anuar ni pun guna bomoh jugak sama macam black magic woman KRDB, hembuih sikit kat muka hj nie

Anonymous said...

aku dah check dengan sumber yang sahih bahawa memang emel ni betoi dan tak tipu dan memang dihantar oleh seseorang, tapi sayang sekali tak berhasil menasihati Hj Sobri

Anonymous said...

Yg clear kat sini ialah Hj Sobri ni lack of leadership qualities; kalau macam tu boleh ka jadi calon ADUN atau pun Ahli Parlimen Sg Petani, nak ganti JoEy Bedol? Nak memimpin company pun terhoyong-hayang

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Mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia

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